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Our Version

We have a vision of giving you access to our style in a broad array of variations. We have a distinctive look that is often reflected in stylish, subtle, neutral colors, something that speaks to both a modern as well as a more rambling farmhouse interior. We work with a spectrum of colors, giving you the opportunity to bring in new elements over time in response to your mood/season. Democratic prices are something we believe in strongly, allowing you to be bold in your purchases.

Our Mission

Our mission for our products comes down to two overarching principles. The first, to work closely with the dream of our customers. Secondly, to use fabrics that are superior in many regards. The second core value is what motivated us to launch our special antibacterial collection.

Our Story

A story of a pair of friends, Caroline and Eilleen, traveling, studying, and soaking up the smells, tastes, and sights of the fashion capital, Italy. A romance with a city that resulted in 2017 with Caromio, a home textile brand. The fashion sensibility, romance, elegance, keen awareness of comfort, and aptitude to transform spaces is something they are committed to helping you bring into your home.
Italy’s textile industry has long dominated its economy, and with it a reverence for quality, and hence a strict standard when it comes to fabric. This culture of superior craftsmanship and the finest quality is something that deeply influenced Caroline and Eilleen, something they pursue relentlessly in their own products.
Our range extends to most textile elements of your home including curtains, bedding, rugs, pet mats, and more. Once a concept has been decided upon, it will fit you out with all your textile needs. 

Caromio focuses on the customer-satisfaction:

  • Using skin-friendly, breathable fabrics, makes the whole experience a luxurious one.
  • An engaged, efficient, and friendly customer service, providing you with the input and immediacy as you would get in a face-to-face consultation.